Here are two significant time-travel tidbits to entertain you.

First Significant Tidbit

Wylanta Rochelle Holt Duke (1881-1980), widow of Brodie Leonidas Duke (1846-1919), stated multiple times to friends before she passed (at 98 years old), that her hubby Brodie swore to her that "go to hell, Carolina, go to hell" were the last words spoken by his father, George Washington Duke, on his deathbed in 1905.

Brodie was the half-brother of the two uber-famous Duke brothers, James Buchanan (Buck) Duke and Benjamin (Ben) Newton Duke. You may know that Buck took over dad's fledgling tobacco company in 1884, developing it into a multi-million-dollar empire. By the early 1890's he controlled almost half of America's tobacco industry.

Also, during the 1890's, Ben led the expansion of the family business by entering the textile industry and then into the hydroelectric power business to service their textile factories. Ever heard of Duke Energy, originally founded as Southern Power Company?

Back to Buck. Buck was known for his philanthropic spirit, and the successful entrepreneur established the Duke Endowment as a trust fund to help non-profit hospitals, child care institutions, small rural Methodist church congregations and universities.

One of the prime beneficiaries of the Duke Endowment was a small school, Trinity College, which in 1892, relocated to Buck's hometown of Durham, North Carolina. Because of his generous gift, the new university that evolved from this small college was renamed Duke University in 1924. The new school was named in honor of his father Washington, who had encouraged his sons to be generous in sharing their wealth. Buck died in New York City in 1925 leaving half of his estate to the endowment, which still bears his name.

Second Significant Tidbit

Most observers say the world-famous Duke-Carolina basketball rivalry began in earnest on February 4, 1961. UNC's Larry Brown and Duke star Art Heyman got into a fight after Brown is fouled hard by Heyman while driving for a lay-up that turns into a brawl. Duke won 81-77, but lost Art Heyman to a suspension for fighting. No suspension for Larry Brown, but he has had to live with himself ever since, and who would wish that on anyone.


There are obviously many more tidbits and examples, but one could argue that for over 114 years it's been a Duke Family tradition to declare "GTHCGTH". And, of course, you need not wait until you're on your deathbed nor participate in any "dark-blue-on-light-blue" violence to let it rip!

Let's have some fun!!